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Custom Electronic Controls  
Top Hex manufactures custom electronic controls and also products for specific markets and applications.
Imagine an electronic controller with exactly the right combination of inputs and outputs fitted with a user interface that perfectly suits your application; that is what a Top Hex controller looks like.

Top Hex design a manufacture a wide range of products for a wide range of applications. Our controllers are fitted to process machinery, HVAC systems, monitors, data loggers and laboratory equipment across the world. You have probably already used a Top Hex controller and not even realised it!

At Top Hex, we firmly believe that your custom electronic controller should serve the equipment for which it was designed. Your equipment, your expertise, in fact whatever you are marketing to your customers is the star of the show, the electronic equipment we supply to you brings your product to life. It may be that you are supplying to an industrial market where ruggedness and durability are the key, or perhaps you are supplying to a retail environment where a well designed, attractive graphic display is essential - in any case, contact us to discuss our custom electronic controls.
Your product with graphic displayCustom Electronic Controls

● The number and type of inputs, outputs, analogues can all be chosen to suit your application
● Physical dimensions, power supply voltage and connectors can all be specified to suit
● A custom-designed solution is more cost-effective than a PLCs or individual components, even for small volumes

Temperature and Process Control

● Any process input can be accommodated including thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, 4-20mA
● From 1 to 1000 Multiple Loops can be accommodated
● PID and self-tuning algorithms available


● Whether you are looking for a simple I2C, HART, RS232/RS485 or a bespoke high-speed communications interface - we can assist
● Wired or wireless Ethernet, IoT (Internet of Things), BACnet and Modbus TCP can be accommodated along with more unusual protocols
● Data can be logged through the communications port or to on-board memory for better data integrity

User Interface

● Graphic displays up to 7" with resistive and capacitive touchscreens (glove friendly) are all available along with a wide range of custom and bespoke display housings
● Our graphic-design service ensures user interfaces are attractive, user-friendly and branded to match your corporate identity
● Specialist vandal proof and super-rugged control panels and be supplied for the toughest of environment
Haas Mini MillLow Pressure Hot Water Controller

The Top Hex LPHW controller has been developed for ducted air systems heated by a hot water radiator. The controller takes an input from a duct thermistor and outputs a singal to a modulating valve (24Vac or 230Vac).

The controller is self tuning and auto adaptive which allows the set point to maintained with pinpoint accuracy and maximum energy efficiency. Please contact us for more information about this product.
Cathodic Disbondment TesterCathodic Disbondment Tester

For more information about our market-leading cathodic disbondment tester (CD tester) please visit our special website
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